What Kind of Android Tablet is good for You?

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There are a multitude of android tablets on the market right now, but how do you know which one to choose? The answer here is complex because there are a number of factors that would determine my response to that question. For instance, what size screen are you looking for? In order to determine what the best android tablet for you is, you need to answer a few questions about what you hope to get from your android powered tablet.

A List of Brand Android Tablets to Choose from

Ok, so you may not be entirely sure what you want. That’s ok, I’ll narrow the list down for you because there are so many bad android tablets that you may not know where to start. Here is a quick and dirty look at the top 5 best android tablets available on the market right now.

1. Asus Transformer Prime

Features: Android 3.2 honeycomb OS (ICS upgradeable!)
NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor
10.1″ Backlight
Eee pad transformer dock keyboard ready

2. Samsung Galaxy

Features: Android 3.2 honeycomb OS (plus TouchWiz)
Dual Core 1.2 GHz processor
3.0 Mp rear camera, 2.0 Mp front camera
Can serve as a universal remote control for t.v.

3. Motorola Xoom

Features: 1GHz dual core ARM processor
5 Mp rear camera and 2 Mp front camera
Android 3.0 honeycomb OS that’s upgradeable

4. Acer Iconia

Features: Android 3.2 honeycomb Os
NVIDIA Tegra dual-core processor
Micros SD Card ready
1 micro HDMI out

5. Toshiba Thrive

Features: 16 GB internal memory and 3.1 honeycomb OS
NVIDEA Tegra 2 dual-core mobile processor
USB slot, mini-usb slot, HDMI ports, and SD card slot
Easy grip finish

6. OrientDeal
Android Jelly Beab 4.1 1GB RMA
HDI support
High resolution
Excellent performance
Low price is their most feature advantage.

They all look good, so now what?

The good news is that all of the above tablets meet that ” best android tablet ” category for one reason or another. Therefore, you are 10 steps above everyone else who is just buying tablets based on how cool the advertising is or how the box looks. But don’t take my word for it, take a look at your favorite online marketplace (Amazon etc). These tablets have proven over time to get the most consistently good reviews. Now you need to decide which is best for you…

The best android tablet for my needs is…

Are you looking for sheer power? Are you the type of person who likes to multitask and do 100 things at once? Then you should probably go for the Asus Transformer Prime tablet. This tablet offers a quad-core tablet (the only one on the market as of now) which is amazing for doing a lot of different things all at once (Facebook, browsing, gaming, etc.).

Another important feature to pay attention to is screen size and clarity. If you want the maximum portability from these android tablets, then you might want to go with the Samsung Galaxy tablet. This is the only 7″ android tablet in this list and weighs only 0.76 lbs! Yea, that’s light.

These are just a fraction of the features that you should be comparing when searching for your personal best android tablet. We will be working on even more tips and tricks in the near future!

Finding the best android tablet PC can be difficult for someone new to the market. However, at we provide you with the information on the best android tablets on the market right now and upcoming tablets to keep a look out for.

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Five Best Android Tablets for Under $200 from OrientDeal

Stop rushing and fretting because you are about to hear the best news you ever want to know in your whole life. The good news is that you can now afford to buy Android tablets in the market for less than $200!

Care to read below the best Android tablets sold in the marketplace – all for under $200:

1. Goopad Mini Plus – iPad Mini Alternative 16GB 7.9 Inch Quad Core Android 4.2 Tablet PC ($199.99)

Goopad Mini Plus - iPad Mini Alternative 16GB 7.9 Inch Quad Core Android 4.2 Tablet PC

Goopad Mini Plus – iPad Mini Alternative 16GB 7.9 Inch Quad Core Android 4.2 Tablet PC

It’s presell now! It is not uncommon for people to say that cheap gadgets, more often than not, carry cheap features. But this gadget is one big exception. For only $179.99, you can get in here everything you want to expect from a modern tablet. The Onda V818 Mini comes with a 7.9-inch resistive and multi-touch screen, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory, and a 0.3 MP front camera, 5.0 MP main camera. It also supports USB flash drives of up to 64 GB in size. And the winning feature is that this gadget is supported with Android Jelly Bean OS 4.1 version. Can you believe that? For $179.99, you get to have access to the Android marketplace! If you belong to the I-want-high-performance-but-cheap group, then this tablet will surely be your perfect match.

2. GooPad Mini 8-inch Android 4.1 Jellybean OS Tablet ($139.98)

Yes, this great one is new released by OrientDeal.Small but terrible? Well, you can say that to this new 8-inch Android tablet hitting in today’s techie market. The GooPad Mini comes with Rkchip 3066 1.6Ghz Dual core processor, 1GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB of storage,16g optional, which is expandable up to 64 GB, and a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Also, it has an HDMI port which allows connection to HD devices. This tablet comes with an Android OS 4.1 version,so everything is faster – pages load quickly, gameplay is smooth and responsive, and running multiple apps is a breeze. gives you processing power when you need it, and it can turn to energy-saving model automaticilly when you don’t use. Physically, the gadget’s package is pretty slim at 198*160*8.6mm and its weight at 450g is quite very competitive. The GooPad Mini has various apps, can surely meet your needs. You can get all these features for only $139.98.

3. GooPad 9.7 Inch Dual Core RK3066 Tablet PC Android 4.1 ($189.68)

GooPad 9.7 Inch Dual Core RK3066 Tablet PC Android 4.1

GooPad 9.7 Inch Dual Core RK3066 Tablet PC Android 4.1

Looking for the Velocity Micro? – GooPad 9.7 Inch Dual Core Tablet PC is a classic 9.7-inch tablet with 1024 x 768 screen resolution. It comes with a 16 GB hard disk, a 1GB DDR3 RAM. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi which supports 802.11n networks and a battery life is 7200mAh, which runs to a maximum of 8 hours. The gadget has media and eBook formats and more importantly, it is supported by Android OS 4.1 version. Its contains various kind of App, can surely meet your need of entertainment and basic work. You can enjoy all of these for only $189.68. Just come to orientdeal.com today for amazing deals!

4. Ramos X10 Quad Core 7.8 inch Android 4.1 Tablet pc-iPad Mini Alternative ($175.68)

Ramos X10 Quad Core 7.8 inch Android 4.1 Tablet pc-iPad Mini Alternative

Ramos X10 Quad Core 7.8 inch Android 4.1 Tablet pc-iPad Mini Alternative

If you’re not on with the 7.8 inch tablets like iPad, but with a budget to consider, then this gadget might just work well for you,Ramos X10 Quad Core is perfect for iPad alternative . The Ramos X10 is a 7.8 inch touch screen tablet with 1.0Ghz 1GB RAM 16GB ROM. It also comes with a built-in 2.0 MP camera, an HDMI port, a USB port which can support 3G internet modem, and an upgradable memory of up to 32 GB. Add to that its supporting Android OS 4.1 version and you sure have a solid cheap tablet right in your hands. In terms of design,measures 7.9″ x 5.4″ x 0.35″ and weighs 12.8 ounces, making it a tad thicker and heavier than an iPad mini-and this you can get for only $175.68.Turn to us for more detail information of android tablet pc today!

5. GooPad Mini 16GB Dual Core HD Screen Android 4.1 Jellybean OS-hotsale now! ($149)

Ramos X10 Quad Core 7.8 inch Android 4.1 Tablet pc-iPad Mini Alternative

Ramos X10 Quad Core 7.8 inch Android 4.1 Tablet pc-iPad Mini Alternative

If you’re looking for a much cheaper 8-inch tablet dual core android 4 tablet pc, then must don’t miss out this one. You might just be blown away. This item is very pupular on the market, make it is the apple of heart on orientdeal.com. This gadget has a 1024 x 768 screen resolution, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 8 GB disk, and a USB host connection which accepts mouse, keyboard, and any other external mass storage. Moreover, it has a video playback feature of up to 6 hours, an audio playback of up to 40 hours with the screen off, and a photoviewer. The bonus point is that this gadget comes with an Android Jellybean OS 4.1 version, which allows you browsing and gaming, in addition to movie-watching. This is really one of the best multimedia tablets which won’t cost you much. By letting go of your $149, you will surely get a tablet which is more than what it’s worth.

So, have you already decided which one you want to buy? Will you go for the 7-inch or 10-inch tablet PC? Will you go for the gadget that runs on an Android 4.1 or Android 4.2 system? Depending on your needs, you would not be disappointed with this cheap line of Android tablets from orientdeal.com, who is the most populor online supplier. If you need a piece of advice, just choose check our site:www.orientdeal.com and leave a message, our people will reply to you in 24 hours.

Is there any difference between Android Tablets and iPad?

As Android Tablets arise on the market and become popular, Android Tablets and iPad become the big tech debate from 2011. Eric is an experienced it reviewer from orientdeal.com, he has a good insight into android tablet and ipad. In this article, he will break down the differences for you and tell you what side he will on! There are several key differences between the two devices –

Operating System

Android Quad Core Tablet PC

Android Quad Core Tablet PC

Obviously, one of the largest differences between the two systems is the operating system. Android tablets are running on some version of the Android OS from Google, while Apple’s iPad is running on Apple’s iOS. Both are the same basic OS that runs on the companies’ respective smart phones.

To me, this is just a matter of preference. These days, many developers prefer Android over iOS, as it is much easier to get a new app into Android’s app market. However, every Android tablet (and phone) may run on a different version of the software, which can make it a bit unsettling for users, as some apps may work only on a newer version of Android, which every tablet may not get.

The companies that develop the tablets decide when to push an update of the Android software to each type of device, so one type might get an update, while others may wait for months, or never get an update at all.

As far as I am concerned, there is no clear winner in this arena. If you get a chance, try each one and see which operating system you like best. Personally, I am a bigger fan of Android.

Screen Size

7.9-inch android tablet pc

7.9-inch IPS LED display Screen, 1024 x 768 Resolution, 162 PPI

Having a big screen can be a plus or a minus depending on what you plan to use it for, and especially on how you plan to carry a tablet around. For example, I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab, considered one of the best Android tablets currently on the market, and a big selling point for me ws the screen was actually much smaller than the iPad.

The iPad screen is over 10 inches, making almost as big as some small laptops.Recommend you an iPad alternative from orientdeal.com, a 9.7 inch android tablet. That can be great if you plan to carry it in a backpack all the time and want to watch videos on it, but it does make it harder to carry around. For me, the Galaxy Tab made more sense because I don’t carry a backpack and like to bring it to meetings.

So, again, no clear winner here. You may want to decide first whether you want a wireless device that is portable or if you want the biggest screen possible. One caveat here, however – soon there will likely be tablets running Android on the market that have screens the size of the iPad.


APP for android tablet pc

APP for android tablet pc

You can have a discussion about Android tablets vs. iPad without talking about apps. Apps make or break the tablet in my opinion. Having used both operating systems extensively, I will say that, although the iPad certainly has more apps than Android, I have not been disappointed with Android and can find just about any kind of app I can think of. In addition, almost every company that makes an iPad app makes an Android app as well.

In fact, in my estimation, given that Android sales are now surpassing iPhone, and the fact I mentioned above – that it is easier to develop apps and get in the Android market, I would not be surprised to see Android catch up the Apple in the future when it comes to apps.


It seems that even the best Android tablets are cheaper overall, and you can find some good, cheap Android tablets out there. Both have data plans, and you can’t do much without a data plan on a tablet unless you stay in a wifi zone, so you will likely end up paying about the same there.

However, when it comes to the cost the device itself, Android wins.

“This argument will rage on during 2011, but when it comes to Android Tablets vs. the iPad, I am all for Android!”, he said. Nowadays, Android develop to version 4.2, and there are apply in many products, you can come to OrientDeal.com for the latest version of Android 4.2 SmartPhone,and you can find the best android tablet pc there, some are cheap android smartphone of good quality.

Do you know about Android Mobile Phone and Android Tablet PC ?

This is Eric from OrientDeal.com, I’ve been worked as a seller of Androids family for years. Here, I would like to share with you something about android mobile phone and android tablet pc. As a marketer, you will need to understand the way the wind is blowing with Android family devices. Until the end of 2012, there was no doubt that Android Phones are what would bring in more sales. However, technology incubation happening in the tablet -labs over most of 2010, saw the introduction of the new breed of Android Tablets by 20102.

Best Note 2 Alternative Quad Core

Best Note 2 Alternative Quad Core

The better of last year has been spent by technology device analysts crunching usage, statistics, feature-for -feature aspects of Android phones and Android Tablets (across brands) to find the ideal all-in-one device(if possible) for the tech-savvy consumer. The result is that the users choose phones or tablets based on what they actually want to do with it.

Feature comparison between Phones and Tablets

Know your Android Tablet PC for features, for this is where you can make the killer sales. If you have a buyer-request that has just these specifications- a large screen, touch screen and Wi-Fi it will be embarrassing if you were to prop an Android Phone when what they are essentially looking for a Android Tablet.

Besides, not every buyer is knowledgeable on hardware and performance and may need your assistance.

Gamers, Movie-watchers will buy Tablets

Therefore as a retail seller, wholesaler or a drop ship seller, you will have to place your pulse on Android Tablets as these are where all those users who are big on browsing, catching up on movies- old reruns /new movies and (on the big daddy of all computer activities) gaming, will be headed towards. Over the six to eight months, the trend for buyers to pick these tablets as they have all the main features they will be using and the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi for the normal number of phone calls and texting that they will be doing.

Longer battery-life will make Tablet better choice

There is the one other technical aspect that both devices have an issue with- the battery life. Large screen phone are major energy guzzlers. The bottom line with big screen phones is that bigger batteries cannot be place in smaller phone bodies. The older wide-screen phone used smaller battery sizes, but the later ones come with larger battery power. However, they are not a match to the more than 24-hour backup the Android Tablets are able to provide, even if buyer were to use them optimally.

Besides, on the issue of Connectivity the tablet has greater capabilities. The chips included in both are WiFi, HSDPA, GSM/CDMA, Bluetooth as standard features. However, with greater scope for working or entertainment available on Android Tablets these are the choice. The Samsung Galaxy is enabled to make calls as well. EA and Sony are making more and more games for Androids only.

Pricing favours Tablets

Best Note 2 Alternative Quad Core 1.2GHz MTK6589 5.7

Best Note 2 Alternative Quad Core 1.2GHz MTK6589 5.7″ HD IPS 1280 x 720 Android 4.1.2 12MP CAM

Then the issue of pricing is another factor that will influence the choice between the Android Phone and the Android Tablet.

A keen look at Amazon will show that the Samsung Galaxy (a Tablet) with 3G connectivity and full-loaded features will cost roughly the same as Google Nexus ( a Phone).But there are many online shop who selling android tablet pc and smartphone,experienced in wholesale android tablets from china, where you can get Samsung Galaxy alternative or ipad alternative at reasonable price. So OrientDeal.com would be your good choice of supplier.

Tablets will be the next wave of communications and computing, with each passing month more and more features and capabilities are going to be added making it more powerful and useful. The Tablet is where the fork between conventional PCs and Phones will become very clear. And how Tablet will become the surviving species.

Note 2 Alternative Quad Core tablet

Note 2 Alternative Quad Core tablet

To be top-line seller of Android Tablets your USP will be your domain knowledge on Tablets and understanding that different types of usage will need different features on the Tablet. So, here is to profit-making on the Android Tablets.

For the latest versions of Android Tablet PC and android 4.2 smartphone, come to OrientDeal.com and check for your favorite items. website http://www.orientdeal.com

What Are Android Tablets and What Products Are the Best Out There?

New Pressed - GooPad Mini - iPad Mini Alternative

New Pressed – GooPad Mini – iPad Mini Alternative

Since Android 4.1 Jellybean OS launched on market, people have fallen in love with the tablet PCs. A tablet PC is not a laptop in the sense that it does not have a folding screen although it is as powerful as a laptop in terms of comparable performance. It is just a tablet with a fully functional touch screen that will allow you to browse, watch videos, listen to audio, play games and even use it for taking notes and reading electronic books. The most important thing about tablet computers is that they are very, very portable. Unlike a laptop that requires a backpack or a laptop bag to carry around, the tablet computer will fit in most coat pockets or women’s handbags.

However, the drawback to the iPad and other popular tablet computers such as the Samsung Galaxy is that they can get quite expensive. Most people cannot afford to spend about $400 on the latest iPad and just pass on the thought of owning a tablet PC. However, people with smaller budgets can now still own a tablet computer by buying a cheaper Android tablet. We recommend you a relaible android tablet online supplier: OrientDeal.com,who supply quality android tablet pc under $200.

Android tablets are much cheaper than the iPad or the Galaxy. To understand why they are cheaper, you will need to know a little bit more about the Android operating system. All Android tablets use the Android operating system to run the tablet. This is an open source operating system that is free to use by anybody. In other words, any manufacturer can make a tablet PC and install the powerful Android operating system as software to run the tablet. The latest version of the Android operating system is the Android 2.2 version that is otherwise known as Froyo.Now has developed to Android 4.2, faster speed, more stable performance.

The free Android operating system has allowed many manufactures to come out with Android tablets that are much cheaper than the comparable iPad. Apple charges a premium price for their iPad simply because they were the first to come out with the concept of the tablet PC. Loyal fans of Apple will still shell out $400 on the iPad although most of them do not realize that they can get the same, if not better value by buying Android tablets that retail for a much cheaper price.

There are some Android tablets in the market today that you can buy for even half the price of the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy tab. The best part about Android tablets is that most of them will also use the same hardware that is used by reputed brands such as Samsung. For example, the Samsung Galaxy tab uses the Cortex A-8 or A-9 chip architecture. The Cortex A-8 and A-9 are open source technology which means that it is not just Samsung who has the right to install their chips on their tablet PCs. Many manufacturers of tablet PC’s have taken advantage of the Cortex A-9 technology by installing it in their Android tablets.

Android 4.1 Jellybean OS

Android 4.1 Jellybean OS

Products like the iPad and Galaxy tablets are so expensive because the selling price includes a heavy marketing cost that has to be recovered. So, if you are going to buy a Tablet PC, you will be well advised to consider purchasing an Android tablet that will save you a lot of money while giving you the same powerful performance as the leading brands.

For more information on how to purchase a cheap quad core android tablet PC, please visit our online electronics store http://www.orientdeal.com.

Quality Galaxy Note 3 Alternative – 5.8 Inch HD IPS Screen Android 4.1 Smart Phone on sale

Orientdeal launched its latest products on March,1,2013, which is a Galaxy Note 3 Alternative with its excellent performance, porpular with the market,of course. So let’s give insight into orientdeal’s smartphone.

Classic design in front view:

Galaxy Note 3 Alternative

Very beautiful design of packing, it would be a good choice to send to family or friends as a gift.

Galaxy Note 3 Alternative packing

Following, you will learn more about the Orient N3 from our video.

You can enjoy watching movies and pictures on its bright high definition IPS screen with a resolution of 1280×720 and a pixel density of 320 DPI. Note that this is a better pixel density then most branded high end phones can deliver. A 1GHz Dual Core processor keeps the S7589 running smoothly when multitasking and the 1GB of RAM can take on even the most demanding apps without problems.
Now you will have a brief understanding of our Orient N3. It’s really the Galaxy Note 3 Alternative.Would you like to have one at low price, just come to our online store, amazing deals for you today. Just check: www.orientdeal.com

Do you know the features of Android Tablet pc?

In early 2010, after Apple’s iPad shown successful debut and signaled the beginning of new tablet PC market, many computer hardware manufacturers noticed and acknowledged the possible large market for tablet PC and prepared during the year. Tablet PC, in design, should be light, portable, and inexpensive while the computing power should be fast enough for daily tasks such as web browsing, email, Twitter, and Facebook.

best cheap android tablet

These tasks are simple enough so they did not want to deploy using Windows OS which requires higher computing power to run smoothly and it is not cheap either. That is why Google Android OS became the popular OS for the new tablet PC among the manufacturers. Android OS is open sourced, and publicly maintained and largely adopted by the smart phones. The latest publicly release version is v2.3 code name Gingerbread. But most of the latest devices come with version 2.2. Google recently announced v3.0 Honeycomb, but it is officially announced that this is for the tablet PC only at this time. Many consumers want to try out the latest version and that’s why many manufacturers are planning to adopt Android 3.0 as soon as possible.

Now then what are the important features of Android tablet PC you want to look for when buying a tablet PC? I have listed the important features below starting from the most important to least.

*Processor: The heart of the any computing device. Lower end tablets install 600 MHz processor, but it is important to select a device with at least 1 GHz processor or you will experience noticeable delay. CortexA8 1GHz and NVIDIA’s Tegra 1GHz are the popular 1GHz processors.

* Display size and resolution: Popular display sizes are 7 inch and 10 inch. It is mainly depend on your requirement. If you would like to use the table as quick web surfing device only at home and would like a large screen, you would definitely prefer 10 inch tablet. But if you want to bring your tablet around everywhere and enjoy, then you would definitely want to get 7 inch tablet.

* Operating System: Android 2.2 is the latest popular version and you want to look for it. It is known to be faster than previous versions and any other lower versions are not recommended. Also many people anticipate the latest version 3.0 codenamed Honeycomb, but there is no device available yet. It is known to be more adapted to the tablet PC. You know, Android was originally developed to be used with smaller sized smart phones. If you prefer Windows OS based tablet PC, you should be prepare to spend few hundred dollars more because Windows OS requires higher computing power and the expensive OS license fee too.

* RAM, Storage, and SD slot: RAM memory size should around 512MB is good, but higher end devices come with 1GB memory. Default storage varies from 2GB to 32 GB or more. But usually they come with external SD card slots that supports up to 32GB So you want to make sure they have SD card slot.

* Internet 3G and Wi-Fi: This requirement is also depend on how you want to use your tablet. If you want to keep your tablet PC with you all the time, you would probably want to buy 3G supported version. But you need to spend few hundred dollars more in the 3G supported version. Some of tablet PC planned to be announced later in 2011 will have the blazing 4G such as Motorola Xoom. You can still bring around your Wi-Fi only version tablet PC and enjoy the Internet at various places since many public libraries, book stores, coffee shops, and airports provides free public Wi-Fi hotspot services.

* Camera and Video recording: Does it have Camera? In rear or front or both? What is the pixel size? At least front camera is necessary, so you can video chat. Also you want to check if it supports 720 HD or Full HD video recording.

* Touch Screen: Capacitive or Resistive? Capacitive is better over resistive screen, but some prefers resistive. Capacitive screen detects the touch when touched with a electrical conductor such as human body. Resistive screen detects the touch when pressure on the screen is detected. It is more often better to work with fingernails or sharper object such as stylus than finger. Also make sure that it supports multi touch which is required for multi finger zoom in and out.

* Battery power: How long does the battery last? iPad is known to last 10 hours of web surfing, watching movie, and listening music. In fact, if you can get from Android device with 10 hours support, it has very good battery.

* Other connectivity and ports: USB, Bluetooth, 4G, HDMI output,

* Other features: Accelerometer, GPS, Gyroscope.

The more important features should be Processor, Display Size and Storage size. Many other features are often provided as default features for the latest popular Android tablet PCs. But do not assume that the new fancy android tablet PC will have all the popular features. It is important that you visit their website or popular gadget review site and confirm the existence of desired feature from the detailed specifications before actually purchasing the product.

In terms of price, you usually have to pay around $500 ~ $700 for Wi-Fi version and $600 ~ $1000 for 3G version for higher ends tablet PC, but if you are willing to sacrifice some of the features, you can get a nice decent tablet PC around $300 too. I will talk about this later in a different article.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, tablet pc has develop to android 4. run faster and more stable than everbefore.I hope that this introduction to the features of Android tablet PC helps you shopping for the best android tablet.I would like to recommend you a reliable online supplier for android tablet pc. they website:www.orientdeal.com.